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Canada is one of the most popular study abroad destinations for people.

Canada is famous for its magnificent nature, but what about Canadian food? “this! I think there are few people who think of the famous dish. Canada is rich in nature and has a wealth of delicious ingredients. Maple syrup is one of Canada’s most famous gourmet foods, but it’s not the only one!

The food is bad, there is no home cooking. Canada is sometimes said. But there are many delicious specialty gourmet foods.

What are the characteristics of Canadian food?

Canada is also famous as a country that accepts many immigrants. With communities such as Chinatown, Koreantown, Indian Bazaar, and Portuguese Village, it is also a country with a lot of Canadian cuisine. Also, because it was a British territory for a long time, traditional British food is often eaten.

Recommended Canadian Cuisine


This is Quebec’s local cuisine, “Poutine”. Fast food in Canada is so typical that it is called “poutine”. A Canadian specialty with plenty of french fries, gravy sauce and cheese curd. You can eat at food courts such as shopping centers, or you can eat around the city.

Roast turkey with cranberry sauce

Cranberries are a fruit that grows easily in wetlands and are often cultivated in wetlands of Canada.

Cranberry sauce is served with Thanksgiving and when making roasted turkey for Christmas . The salty turkey and sweet and sour cranberry sauce is a strange combination for Asian people.

Cranberries are also used in juices, and when you go to the supermarket, they are sold in large containers of 1 to 3 liters. The color is clear red, the taste is sweet and sour, and it has a unique scent that goes through the nose.

Nanaimo bar

Nanaimo Bar is a fairly major dessert in Canada . Nanaimo is the name of a city in British Columbia, said to be the birthplace of Nanaimo Bar, and is a sweet that is especially loved in the area.

The Nanaimo bar has three layers, with coconut cookies on the bottom, custard cream on top, and chocolate on top.

Anyway, it is sweet and high in calories, but each of the three layers has a different texture and is very delicious. If you go to a cake shop, bakery shop, supermarket, etc. in the city, you can buy it, so I would definitely recommend it to those who like sweets.

Beaver Tails

“Beaver Tails” is a flat fried bread topped with cinnamon sugar and other ingredients, and is a traditional specialty of Ottawa.

The unique name comes from the tail of the Canadian beaver , the beaver .

It is a specialty gourmet of the world’s longest natural skating rink “Rideau Canal” in Ottawa, and it is standard to order it with hot chocolate in winter.

Former President Obama also praised Beaver Tails in 2009. There are plenty of toppings, so it’s fun to choose.

Macaroni cheese

The soul food in Canada is “macaroni cheese”. It’s easy to make, so the first dish children try is macaroni cheese. Especially the macaroni cheese sold by Craft is extremely popular. It is also popular as a souvenir. If you get it as a souvenir, it’s delicious to mix it with tuna cans!

Chicken wing

Ice hockey is one of Canada’s most famous sports. “Chicken Wing” is a classic Canadian dish that you can eat while watching ice hockey. It’s so popular that there is a day called Chicken Wing Day every Wednesday. This is the aim because you can buy it cheaper than usual on this day. There is a wide variety of flavors, from barbecue to teriyaki and spicy.

Shepherd’s pie

The literal translation of Shepherd’s pie is “shepherd’s pie.” but. I don’t use pies. If you don’t have lamb, you can use ground beef! It seems that each family has different methods and contents. The basic shepherd’s pie is a two-layer gratin of minced meat and mashed potatoes, but there are also three layers of minced meat, corn cream and mashed potatoes. It is a popular standard dish that is easy to make but looks gorgeous.

Buffalo steak

The huge buffalo steak, also known as Python, is unique to Canada. Buffalo steak, which can be as large as 1 ton, is a standard dish that is very popular in Canada. Contrary to what it looks like, Buffalo is a gentle herbivore. Buffalo meat is said to have three times as much iron as beef, and its meat quality is soft with no dullness, low in fat, and high in protein and low in calories. It is very popular with women.


It is often caught in the Canadian “salmon” coastal zone, which is often seen in Japan, and Canada is also famous as the world’s largest exporter of salmon. Salmon dishes in Canada are commonly eaten as barbecue salmon or smoked salmon. Also popular is the maple salmon candy, which is smoked salmon entwined with maple syrup.

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