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First of all, I would like to introduce some typical Bangladeshi dishes that you can almost always find at home and in restaurants.

Rice is the staple food of Bangladeshi cuisine , and fish, vegetables and beans are used as side dishes .

Many spices such as cumin, turmeric, and coriander are used, and many are spicy. Also, because it is an Islamic country, they don’t eat pork and basically don’t drink alcohol.

About Bangladeshi cuisine

What kind of food is Bangladeshi food?

In Bangladesh, a curry dish called “Turkari” is often eaten. Vegetables and stir-fried foods are lined up on the table as side dishes, mainly torkari. In Bangladeshi cuisine, it is common to make multiple curry dishes at once using spices such as cumin, coriander and turmeric. They don’t eat pork because it is an Islamic Country, but they do eat beef, chicken, goat and fish.

What are the typical Bangladeshi dishes?

“Biryani”, which appears at weddings and other celebrations, is one of Bangladesh’s representative dishes. Takikomi gohan with spices and butter. It is often topped with chicken, goat meat, and tomatoes. Fish curry is also a dish unique to Bangladesh. Fried dumplings called samosas and kebabs are also often eaten.

Introducing recommended recipes for Bangladeshi cuisine!


There are various types such as chicken curry and mutton curry, but it seems that white fish is the mainstream.

Chicken curry

A recipe for chicken curry made from spices, directly from Bangladeshi people. Cut the chicken into pieces that are easy to eat, and soak them in seasonings such as yogurt and turmeric for about an hour. Add salt and pepper to the onions and fry until light brown. Add spices such as coriander, turmeric and garam masala and mix. Add chicken and tomatoes and boil down to finish. If you like spicy food, add green pepper to make it an accent.

Bangladeshi curry

This is also a simple recipe that you can make authentic Bangladeshi curry with a little spice, directly from Bangladeshi people. Fry the chopped onions until they are colored. Add chicken, add grated onions, garlic and ginger and season with turmeric, chili pepper and cumin spices. After lightly frying, add water. Add tomato puree, cardamom and coriander, and boil down to finish.

Fish Curry

If you go to Bangladesh, you should try this fish curry at least once. Bangladeshi fish curry contains fish such as white fish in a roux with very effective spices such as turmeric and chili powder, and the taste of the fish is effective, so it is perfect for those who want to taste Bangladeshi curry.


Egg and potato curry

A recipe for soup curry with potatoes. Fry the chopped onions until they are light brown. Add water, add coriander, chili powder, turmeric and salt and fry further. Add potatoes, add half a cup of water, tomatoes, and eggs with shallow streaks and simmer. Adjust the taste with salt and boil down to finish. The point is to add more water when adding the eggs. The potatoes will thicken and become delicious.


Arbotta is recommended in Bangladesh, which is also popular for curry garnish. Arbotta is made by crushing and rolling potatoes Alue (potato) and botta (mashed) are simple dishes like alue (potato) and mashed potato dumplings. There are a lot of variations such as tomatoes, onions and eggplants.


If you are going on a trip to Bangladesh, this Porota is a must-try at home. Porota is a thin dough and naan that is often eaten with curry, and it is a popular dish that is often eaten in Bangladesh, so it is definitely a must-have when traveling to Bangladesh.

Porota is a thin dough, so it is recommended not only to eat it with spicy curry, but also to eat it with salty butter. It’s a thin dough, so it goes well with any dish, but it’s relatively hungry, so why not try it when you travel to Bangladesh


If you are interested in the popular sweets and desserts in Bangladesh. This is a standard snack that is often eaten in Bangladesh, and since sweet syrup is soaked in rolled cottage cheese, it is perfect for dessert after eating spicy curry.

There are various sweets and desserts in Bangladesh, but among them, Roshogorra is a standard Bangladeshi sweet, so I highly recommend it. It is recommended not only for those who are new to Bangladeshi sweets and desserts, but also after eating spicy colors.


If you are eating Bangladesh for the first time, how about this samosa, Samosa is a dish, which is characterized by a crispy texture, and although it depends on the restaurant, it contains stir-fried vegetables and meat, so it is excellent to eat.

polao Milky and soothing taste

Polao is a cooked rice that does not contain meat and enjoys the sweetness and aroma of ghee. This is also eaten at the time of celebration. It goes well with curry and fried food, and makes it more special than usual white rice. That’s because the ghee itself is a valuable item that can only be obtained from a lot of milk.

chingri curry Shrimp curry with delicious small shrimp

Shrimp that are much smaller than the black tiger prawns and Taisho shrimp that are often seen in Japan are used. Small shrimp are preferred because they often produce dashi stock when made into curry. Sometimes I use coconut milk, and sometimes I use regular curry. Both have shrimp broth.

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